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Thanks for visiting our website! Our friends call us “Zen” for short.

At Zen, we’ve assembled an incredible team of healthcare integration engineers and built a disruptive integration as a service (IaaS) technology platform built exclusively for the daily demands of healthcare data exchange.

Here’s a quick company overview to give you a better understanding of who we are, what we do, who we help, and how we can add value to your organization.


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Who is Zen?

Our mission is to help healthcare organizations avoid the complexity and frustration that too often plagues integration projects. We help our clients develop, design, and deploy use-case driven technology solutions to efficiently solve their healthcare data exchange challenges.

After years of providing integration consulting services, we saw a big void in the market for technology tools to make interoperability work in an affordable, sustainable way. Today, we have a disruptive integration as a service (IaaS) platform called Gemini and a portfolio of other integration, data management, and data visualization solutions.

Meet the Zen team

Who are our Clients?

We are honored to serve a large client base of healthcare organizations across the U.S. and internationally. The types of organizations include:

  • Healthcare Technology Vendors
  • Health Information Exchanges
  • Health Systems, Hospitals, Providers
  • Health Plans and Plan Administrators
  • Accountable Care Organizations

You’ll recognize many of our client’s logos below. We also encourage you to read more about our clients in the Zen Interoperability Community on our news and blog pages.

How do we Help?

Our clients turn to us to accomplish mission critical integration projects. Here are just a few of the most common ways we partner with them and can assist you as well.

The Gemini Integration Platform: Our clients using Gemini enjoy a fully managed technology infrastructure without sacrificing control and management of their data. The technology platform and our services help organizations quickly acquire data, normalize the data, and deliver data to where it is needed most. We give options for centralized data aggregation to house, transform, analyze and visualize information. As a result, our clients have much more control of their data destiny.

Connect to Carequality® & eHealth Exchange: As a Carequality implementer and a Sequoia Project supporter, we are often our clients best route to connect to national data exchange networks. Our Stargate Gateway provides an IHE Gateway service for those clients who need to add this technical component to their interoperability capabilities. Whether you are a healthcare vendor or a healthcare organization, Stargate can fast track your IHE connections. (Note: Carequality is the registered trademark of Carequality)

On-Demand Engineering Services: Our certified technical interoperability engineers guide our clients through integration projects either in Gemini or for healthcare organizations using Mirth® Connect. Our talented team of interface engineers are available on an as needed basis to troubleshoot or build an integration. If you need some help now, schedule your own 15-minute engineering consult using the link below.

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