Zen has been busy working with healthcare organizations that need urgent help with COVID vaccine reporting to their state health department. This is similar to what we saw last spring / summer with COVID-19 lab result reporting.

  •  Are you in the heat of the battle keeping up with the challenges of COVID and need a flexible solution that allows providers to stay in their normal clinical workflow but allows you to meet mandated reporting requirements?
  • Do you need to support 2, or 10, or all 50 states when it comes to COVID Vaccine reporting?

The solution is Zen’s Gemini Integration Platform that acts as a hub with state public health reporting agencies.

If your Healthcare organization or vendor is struggling to keep up with mandated state reporting requirements for COVID vaccine administration, you are not alone. All practices or facilities that administer vaccines must report to the applicable state within 24 hours. The problem is that not all vendor systems have “ready built” solutions; and with fifty states with different requirements… This problem gets big fast!

We understand that there is immense pressure to scale vaccine reporting and Zen is ready to help you do it.

Zen Healthcare IT is uniquely positioned to help organizations get connected to their state COVID-19 vaccine registry as soon as possible. Zen has built public health reporting connections for our clients for years and we have the ability to help get your organization reporting to a state registry within weeks.

Whether you are a healthcare vendor or a healthcare provider organization, we are ready to help you quickly meet this important public health initiative.

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