How Can Zen Enable Data Integrity?


Healthcare organizations need a consistent data perspective across their organization in order to understand the real story the data is telling.

How Can Zen Help?

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Data Integrity Challenges Solved by Zen

Our team brings the right tools and partners to your organization to tackle common, yet complex data initiatives.

Data Quality


  • Establish the right minimum data requirements
  • Normalize data across proprietary and standards-based formats
  • Map data for specific quality reporting and value-based care reimbursement programs
  • Identify and implement the right data normalization tools

Master Data Management


  • Receive training and best practice tips for EMPI implementation and data stewardship
  • Get help with EMPI tool requirements, selection and optimization
  • Evaluate and implement tools for provider registries
  • Facilitate EMPI data migration and implementation

Longitudinal Patient Record


  • Harmonize data for consistent results and improved readability in a consolidated record
  • Optimize interactions between EMPI and Clinical Data Repositories (CDRs)
  • Best practices for clinical concept mapping to semantic standards

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Data Quality Assessment

Zen helps clients proactively anticipate data integrity and quality needs. Take advantage of the lessons we have learned in data governance, master data management, data flow design, and implementing solutions to manage data.

If you answer “yes” to any of the five questions below, you will benefit from partnering with Zen to create a formalized data integrity program.

 1.  Are you overwhelmed by the data mapping and standards work you need to perform for upcoming or even stalled projects?

2. Do you lack confidence in the data you are using for quality measures and seeing lower scores than anticipated?

3. Are you trying to mitigate the risk of quality measure audits?

4. Do you struggle with the quality of CCDAs throughout your community?

5. Are you overwhelmed with mapping proprietary lab codes and LOINC translation?


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