Create a Scalable and Sustainable Interoperability Solution with Gemini

Gemini Integration Platform for Your Organization


Achieve healthcare data interoperability without the cost of standing up and managing your own platform, which can easily exceed $250K / year when considering total cost of ownership (TCO).

Concerned about security? Gemini Integration-as-a-Service Platform provides a HITRUST CSF r2 certified healthcare interoperability solution that immediately reduces the security risks associated with implementing healthcare interfaces.

Whether you need to simply fill gaps in your existing interoperability infrastructure or implement a fully featured integration solution, the Gemini platform provides the fastest path to solving the toughest interoperability challenges.

Gemini Integration as a service platform

How Much Does Gemini Cost?


Gemini starts at just $385 /month

HITRUST CSF r2 Certified Fully Managed Environment; with Developer Access, Interface Alerting & Monitoring, and SSL Extension.

What Is Gemini?


The Gemini technology is a healthcare Integration as a Service Platform, meaning you can take advantage of integration tools with secure hosting and a team of integration engineers working with you to make your interface projects successful.

Gemini simplifies interoperability through advanced tools to acquire all types of health data (HL7, HL7 V2, FHIR, IHE, Claims, ect.), transform the data to required formats, and transport it to any healthcare organization. Common health data exchange initiatives such as Sequoia eHealth Exchange and Carequality, HIE connectivity, and clinical system interfaces are ideal uses for the Gemini integration platform.

Gemini has two convenient integration approaches to give you the flexibility to manage your healthcare integration initiatives.

Hands on: Leverage your own interface engineers to build connections, but depend on Gemini as your fully managed infrastructure.

Hands off:  Rely on the fully outsourced integration services, infrastructure, and interface development of the Gemini Integration-as-a-Service platform.

Who Benefits Most From Gemini?


You do! If you are a healthcare organization required to exchange data within your own systems and third-party systems, Gemini is for you. Click on a button below that best describes your company to learn more.

Healthcare IT Vendors


Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)


Hospitals and Healthcare Providers


Risk Bearers, ACOs, MCOs, and Payers


What Does Gemini Do?

Zen’s Gemini solution brings interface technology, engineering, and services together to help your organization succeed in the growing demands for data exchange. Gemini helps organizations:

  • Acquire Data
  • Map Data
  • Normalize Data
  • Filter Data
  • Transform Data
  • Route Data

COVID-19 Era Impact:

The Gemini Integration Platform acts as a hub with state public health reporting agencies allowing healthcare organizations and vendors to connect with vaccine registries. Zen has built public health reporting connections for years and we can help you get connected in weeks!

Achieve Gateway Connectivity with Stargate


Stargate is an optional module for Gemini that provides a gateway between healthcare organizations and Sequoia (eHealth Exchange and Carequality), local and regional HIEs, and other federated, IHE style destinations.

Let us help connect your healthcare data ecosystem using Gemini and the Stargate IHE gateway

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