Gemini for Providers

Gemini is a platform that combines technology and services to help providers successfully navigate the need to share data across their healthcare community.

Data fluidity is critical for organizations facing escalating needs to exchange data across the healthcare community. Data is the key to improving outcomes but unlocking it can be expensive and time-consuming. That’s why Zen created the Gemini integration as a service platform for hospitals, health systems, and provider groups.

How Can Gemini Help?

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Top Three Problems Solved By Gemini

Vendor Dependencies

Reduce barriers to getting data with proven data acquisition methods

Many Trading Partners

Take one data feed, normalize the information, and turn it into many feeds.

Resource Constraints

Get affordable access to people, technology and know-how. Our team is your team.

Get & Deliver the Data You Need with Gemini

Exchanging data is critical for healthcare providers. Zen’s engineers and technology tools in Gemini have been used to acquire data from ambulatory EHR (electronic health records) and HIS (hospital information systems) for over a decade. With over six flexible ways of acquiring data, Gemini helps medical practices, hospitals, and health systems gain access to the data they need for quality programs and care transitions.

Once providers have the data, Gemini makes it possible to transform and deliver the data in many different formats to many different data partners. Use the platform as the vehicle to deliver data to value-based care programs, state registries, regional and national health information exchanges, and local facilities within your care community.

Gemini Integration Platform At-a-Glance

Gemini simplifies interoperability through advanced tools to acquire all types of data, transform the data to usable formats, and transport it to your partners.

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