Fully Managed FHIR Repository & API for Healthcare Organizations

Whether you are a payer focused on achieving compliance with the new finalized CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule (CMS-9115-F), or you are a healthcare organization in need of flexible access to aggregated clinical healthcare data, Gravity offers a simple yet nimble clinical health data repository solution. 

What is Gravity?  

Gravity is a fully managed repository as a service tool for healthcare organizations. It provides a destination for clinical health data transactions, healthcare messages, and other healthcare data elements in a secure clinical data repository. It supports advanced FHIR data exchange protocols, and FHIR-enabled applications.

As part of the Gemini Integration as a Service (Iaas) Platform, Gravity provides:

  • Flexible data acquisition via the Gemini Integration Platform
  • Fully managed and hosted environment (Data center HITRUST CSF)
  • Aggregated data stored as FHIR Resources and accessible via FHIR API and compliant with CMS consumer API access
  • Storage for clinical messages/objects
  • Data accessible via the Gemini Integration Platform, important because many healthcare use cases require a way to enhance and transform native FHIR Resources to other data standards such as existing proprietary APIs, IHE based exchange or HL7.
  • Optional reporting options via database level reports or a 3rd party reporting tool like Tableau
  • Optional connectivity with a 3rd party EMPI such as 4medica, Initiate, Nextgate or Verato.

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5 Advantages for HIEs

Learn How to Control Your Data Destiny with Gravity.

The Gravity Connectivity Diagram

Gravity within the Gemini Integration as a Service Platform

Who Benefits Most From Gravity?  

Payers, ACOs, provider organizations. hospitals and HIEs find tremendous value in Gravity’s capabilities. 

  • Payers can use Gemini to meet ONC data access requirements to provide claims data to consumer apps via a FHIR API, or share data with other payers.
  • Provider organizations and hospitals can use Gravity to store some or all clinical data in a flexible clinical repository to support clinical studies, clinical reporting, or provide a queryable source of data for health information exchange purposes.
  • HIEs can use Gravity to support special community projects requiring certain aggregated data to be segregated outside their normal CDR workflows, or to supplement a federated model that does not currently have an existing CDR.
  • ACO’s and other managed care organizations can use Gravity to fill gaps in existing technologies, to better manage and report on patient populations.

What is Unique About Gravity?

Gravity provides both a “ready to go” FHIR API (to enable rapid ONC compliance) while also providing a flexible, long term solution to support many different types of data exchange work flows and use cases. Through it’s connection with the Gemini Integration Platform, it provides robust data consumption and data querying capabilities.

Gravity FAQs

Is Gravity Compliant with ONC Consumer Access Requirements?

Yes! Gravity provides support for the API and the authentication requirements specified in the new finalized CMS Interoperability and Patient Access rule (CMS-9115-F).

Can Gravity be Used with Any Commercial Integration Engine?

Commercial integration engines can send data to Gravity by pointing to a Gemini Integration Platform endpoint.  Client’s can choose to make data transformations in their own integration engine, or Zen can perform needed transformation within Gemini.

How can Gravity Exchange Data with Reporting and Analytics Tools I Might Already Have in Place?

Using a channel in Gemini, Zen can point a defined data stream from Gravity to your analytics tool, based on your required data specifications.

How is Gravity Sold and Priced?

Gravity is an ancillary service to the Gemini Integration Platform.  Gravity is sold based on a recurring monthly fee, with a 12-month minimum contract term. Gravity pricing is calculated based on the relative size of the data storage required. Please contact Zen for further details so we can provide pricing based on your specific use case(s).

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