Healthcare IT Vendors

Struggling with interfaces internally or for client projects?

Need to integrate your healthcare solution more seamlessly into your customer’s existing systems?

Rely on the Zen team to guide the way.

Zen Subject Matter Experts extend the capabilities of your team, offering assistance with:


  • Sending to/retrieving data from various EMR/EHR vendors
  • Developing interfaces in open source tools like Mirth® Connect
  • Performing complex healthcare message mappings & transformations
  • Understanding healthcare standards such as CCD/C-CDA, HL7, X12, and IHE
  • Leveraging REST or SOAP Healthcare APIs
  • Adding FHIR support
  • Developing supportable and scalable interoperability strategies

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Whether you are just starting your interoperability efforts or need to evolve them, Zen is the team you can rely on.


Spend your time and money in the area you know best, core application development. Use the experts at Zen to help develop your interoperability strategy and identify cost effective interfacing tools and approaches.  Zen builds scalable solutions that incorporate years of experience and apply interoperability best practices.

Through a collaborative discovery process, we will assist you with adopting standard healthcare protocols/standards and allow others to connect to your application seamlessly through existing standards or your purpose-built API.

Already have interfaces in place, but struggling to support them or keep up with customer demand for new interfaces?  The Zen team provides on demand SME Services to extend your team’s capabilities.

If you need help for a week or a year, Zen offers flexible time and materials engagements. From development to production – we get you there faster.


  • Fully outsourced interoperability services
  • One-time interface development or refactoring projects
  • On-Demand Subject Matter Experts (SME)
    • Includes Zen’s Client Portal for easy ticket submission and tracking
  • Interoperability consulting and architectural design services

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