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Mirth Connect can still be found by visiting the NextGen website. However, since it is difficult to find the direct download link, you can download the latest copy of Mirth Connect right here. Questions about the future of Mirth? Check out our FAQ section below.

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Download Mirth Connect 4.2.0

Mirth Connect FAQ

Is the open source Mirth Connect going away?

Nextgen has said that there are currently no plans to discontinue the open source Mirth Connect. However, regardless of the changes Nextgen is implementing, Zen is a firm supporter of Mirth Connect and will continue to support you and the platform now and into the future.

Where can I find the paid extensions for Mirth Connect like the SSL Manager?

Nextgen is continuing to sell their paid extensions for Mirth Connect. Alternatively, you can purchase the extensions you need a la carte from Zen. Currently available is the Zen SSL Extension, which includes additional features like proactive certificate expiration notifications. More Zen extensions for Mirth Connect are coming soon. Check back often or contact us to learn about what’s coming next.

Are the forums still available?

Yes, the community forums are still around, as is the Mirth Slack room. However if you need help right away, you can schedule a free 15-minute Q&A with a Zen engineer right now.

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