Reflections on HIMSS24

Reflections on HIMSS24 Last month’s HIMSS conference in Orlando felt more energized - seemingly a return to “pre-Covid” attendance levels and vendor participation.  In this article, Zen Executives will delve into their key takeaways and highlights from the conference....
Upgrading Mirth Connect: A Comprehensive Guide

Upgrading Mirth Connect: A Comprehensive Guide

Many customers and members of the Mirth community have been reaching out for help in upgrading to a more current Mirth release after the announcement of a critical security vulnerability. In this guide, we will discuss the best practices for upgrading Mirth Connect and provide a step-by-step process to ensure a smooth transition. Whether you want to keep your message retention history or start fresh with a new instance, we have you covered.

Part 2 TEFCA blog image

Is it too late to prepare for TEFCA? Part 2

Dive into the second part of our TEFCA Readiness series, where we delve into the reasons behind potential concerns arising from TEFCA’s fresh requirements. Discover actionable steps to guarantee your readiness for TEFCA’s future developments. If you missed it, catch up on part one to grasp the present status of TEFCA and gain insights into the forthcoming landscape of nationwide healthcare exchange.

Is it too late to prepare for TEFCA? Part 1

Is it too late to prepare for TEFCA? Part 1

Stay up-to-date with the ongoing TEFCA rollout and its impact on nationwide data exchange. Discover the changes brought by TEFCA and QHINs, and gain insights into the future direction of data sharing in the first installment of our two-part blog series.

Jump to the Front of the Line for National Network Access Blog Banner

Jump to the Front of the Line for National Network Access

Discover how to overcome the challenges of implementing healthcare messaging technologies required by national trusted exchange networks like Carequality, eHealth Exchange, and Commonwell Alliance. Whether you’re a healthcare technology vendor or an organization aiming to enhance patient care, this blog reveals three strategies to expedite national network onboarding and make a tangible impact on your stakeholders or customers. Don’t let complex security and smoke testing hinder your progress—learn how to skip to the front of the line today.

HIMSS 2023

5 Key Interoperability Insights and News from HIMSS 2023

Discover the latest interoperability insights and news from HIMSS 2023 in our informative blog. From cutting-edge technologies to emerging trends, we’ve got you covered. Learn about the five key takeaways that are shaping the future of healthcare data exchange. Read now and stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving field.

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Webinar Recap: TEFCA kills the national networks – or does it?

To tackle the important question of will the existing national networks continue to thrive with the emergence of TEFCA, it is helpful to first understand a key difference between these three national networks. On February 13th, 2023, the first round of prospective QHIN applicants accepted to begin certification efforts were announced. Is this the beginning of the end for existing national networks such as eHealth Exchange, Carequality, and the Commonwell Alliance?

Zen Showcases Interoperability Solutions at HIMSS 2023 IHE Learning Lab

Zen Showcases Interoperability Solutions at HIMSS IHE Learning Lab

The Zen Team is looking forward to catching up with friends and colleagues in the industry in Chicago next week for HIMSS23! Also, Zen presents their interoperability solutions at the IHE Learning Lab, demonstrating its commitment to seamless and efficient healthcare data exchange. Learn about more

Upcoming Webinar: TEFCA Kills the National Networks… Or Does it?

Upcoming Webinar: TEFCA Kills the National Networks… Or Does it?

On February 13th, 2023, the first round of QHIN applicants accepted to begin QHIN certification efforts will be announced. Is this the beginning of the end for existing national networks such as eHealth Exchange, Carequality and the Commonwell Alliance? Or is this going to create even more momentum?

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Carequality & eHealth Exchange – Annual Meeting Highlights

The annual meetings of Carequality, eHealth Exchange, and The Sequoia Project (TEFCA RCE) all took place in December. Our President has returned with a number of key changes and highlights for 2023 that you should be aware of. View Marilee’s highlights from all of the meetings and discover the future of nationwide data exchange!

Zen’s Mirth Connect Resource Center


Our team of experts have assembled a collection of resources to make your experience with Mirth Connect as productive and efficient as possible. Looking to download Mirth Connect? Click the button below:

Mirth Connect Tutorial Videos


A video tutorial on replacing Mirth Connect’s internal Derby database with the more robust and capable PostgreSQL.

A video tutorial on using channel tags and channel groups to keep your channels organized in Mirth Connect.

A detailed guide to the configuration map feature in Mirth Connect. Configuration maps can speed up channel maintenance and make Mirth connect server deployments much easier.

Using the Data Pruner effectively allows you to make your Mirth Connect channels more performant and scalable. In this video, we to do a quick overview of the Data Pruner and walk you through how to set it up at the global and channel level.

Attachments are a great way to optimize how Mirth Connect handles large messages by reducing the amount of data being stored in the database. In this video, we explore the various ways you can work with attachments in Mirth Connect.

In this video, we review the top 3 things you MUST DO after downloading and installing Mirth Connect to set yourself up for success.

General Healthcare IT Educational Videos


Essential Mirth Connect Tools


Zen’s SSL Extension for Mirth Connect 


An affordable way to enable SSL control, troubleshooting, and proactive certificate management embedded into your open source Mirth Connect workflow.

  • Integrated Certificate Manager – manage, import, and create certificates inside of Mirth Connect
  • HTTPS, TCPS, and LLPS Listeners and Senders – build secure inbound and outbound connections
  • Purchase annual subscription without the need to move to the commercial version of Mirth Connect

Mirth Connect Monitoring & Alerting  


Zen Insight Integration Monitor provides in-depth alerting, monitoring and analysis of all your Mirth Connect channels and instances from one centralized location.

  • Proactive alerting allows you to spot potential problematic channels before they cause an outage
  • A centralized dashboard provides historical channel performance and alert history to help you properly allocate resources
  • Automatic alert generation is based on real time channel behavior such as error rates, queuing, message volume, & more

Trusted by HIEs, Provider Organizations, and
Technology Vendors

Zen's Gemini Integration as a Service Platform


Healthcare Data Interoperability without the cost of standing up and managing your own platform

Guide to Mirth Connect for Vendors


Five notable Mirth Connect plugins and extensions for Healthcare IT Vendors 


Already Downloaded Mirth Connect?


Three must-dos for anyone downloading Mirth Connect the first time 


Five Advantages of Mirth Connect


Here are five reasons why people like to use Mirth Connect to build healthcare interfaces.

1. Free, Open Source: the makers of Mirth Connect have made the tool available to the public. It can be downloaded from the website

2. Trusted: there are hundreds of thousands of Mirth Connect deployments globally. The extensive use of Mirth Connect for integrations keeps it on the top of many people’s list of integration engine solutions.

3. Extensible: Mirth Connect can be customized to meet many different interoperability situations and needs.

4. Allows for Custom Scripting: Mirth Connect users have the flexibility to go beyond the options in the User Interface.

5. Scalable: Mirth Connect can run on very small, affordable devices – even a raspberry pi, up to large-scale enterprise services, or hosted in a secure cloud.

Three Disadvantages of Mirth Connect


Despite the many favorable aspects of Mirth Connect, there are a few drawbacks that you and your integration teams need to keep in mind.

1. Steep Learning Curve: Mirth Connect is powerful, but without training and hands-on experience, it can be challenging to learn.

2. Little Available Documentation: It is very nice to have such a large community of Mirth Connect users; however, there is limited centralized information and documentation about Mirth Connect best practices.

3. Limited Infrastructure Support: Mirth Connect does not come with native (free) load balancing, fail over, or advanced proactive performance alerts.

Good news? Mirth® Connect is still one of the best healthcare interoperability engines and Zen has Mirth Certified engineers and services team members who can help organizations overcome these disadvantages.


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