3 Things to Look For When Choosing a Healthcare Integration Service Provider

3 Things to Look For When Choosing a Healthcare Integration Service Provider

There are many healthcare integration service providers out there, but not all of them are created equal. Find out what makes one provider better than another.

Top 3 Things Your Healthcare Organization Can Do To Enhance Security Video

Top 3 Things Your Healthcare Organization Can Do To Enhance Security Video

Now that our Gemini Integration Platform has officially received HITRUST CSF r2 Certification we wanted to share some helpful tips for anyone looking to enhance their own cybersecurity efforts. Our latest security blog was very well received, so we decided to put the...
3 Things Your Healthcare Organization Can Do Today to Enhance Security

3 Things Your Healthcare Organization Can Do Today to Enhance Security

For the past year, we have been working through our HITRUST CSF certification process and it has helped us super-charge our company's policies and procedures when it comes to cybersecurity. Now that our Gemini Integration Platform has received HITRUST CSF r2...

Mirth Connect Guide: The Data Pruner

In our latest Mirth Connect Tutorial Series video we do an overview and demonstration of how to set up and effectively utilize the Data Pruner in Mirth Connect. We walk you through how to set it up at both the global and channel level and by the end of the tutorial...

Mirth Connect Tutorial Video Series: Configuration Map

To start the new year off we decided to get back to our Mirth Connect Tutorial video series and recently launched a new video on an important Mirth Connect feature for speeding up channel maintenance and deployments, the Configuration Map. The Configuration Map...
MC Alerting and Monitoring

Complete Guide to Mirth Connect Alerting and Monitoring

Zen engineers have been working with Mirth Connect, the most popular open-source interface engine in the world, since its release in 2006. Like many interface engineers, we spend a lot of time focusing on interface design and deployment. But as many of you have...

How to Overcome the Challenges of Integrating EMS Systems

The Zen Healthcare IT team has worked with multiple counties across the country to solve complex interoperability challenges. The obstacles can be daunting, but the benefits are huge! First responders (EMS Providers) are tasked with making quick, life-saving decisions...
Healthcare Integration Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Healthcare Integration Platforms, Interfaces, & Zen

Zen Healthcare IT’s team has many creative and interesting discussions with our clients and potential clients about integration platforms and healthcare integrations. Most of these detailed and meaningful discussions are about how to effectively scale healthcare...
Avoid Outages

Three Essential Strategies for Keeping Your Data Flowing

Interface outages can be devastating to clinical workflows and providers. Here are three ways to avoid outages and keep your data flowing in your interface engine / platform.

Avoid Self-Signed Certifications Blog Image

Are Self-Signed Certificates Hiding In Your Interface Engine?

Self-signed certificates are not worth the risk given today’s security threats. Learn about best practices surrounding certificates in your interface engine.

Zen’s Mirth Connect Resource Center


Our team of experts have assembled a collection of resources to make your experience with Mirth Connect as productive and efficient as possible. Looking to download Mirth Connect? Click the button below:

Mirth Connect Tutorial Videos


A video tutorial on replacing Mirth Connect’s internal Derby database with the more robust and capable PostgreSQL.

A video tutorial on using channel tags and channel groups to keep your channels organized in Mirth Connect.

A detailed guide to the configuration map feature in Mirth Connect. Configuration maps can speed up channel maintenance and make Mirth connect server deployments much easier.

Using the Data Pruner effectively allows you to make your Mirth Connect channels more performant and scalable. In this video, we to do a quick overview of the Data Pruner and walk you through how to set it up at the global and channel level.

Attachments are a great way to optimize how Mirth Connect handles large messages by reducing the amount of data being stored in the database. In this video, we explore the various ways you can work with attachments in Mirth Connect.

In this video, we review the top 3 things you MUST DO after downloading and installing Mirth Connect to set yourself up for success.

General Healthcare IT Educational Videos


Essential Mirth Connect Tools


Zen’s SSL Extension for Mirth Connect 


An affordable way to enable SSL control, troubleshooting, and proactive certificate management embedded into your open source Mirth Connect workflow.

  • Integrated Certificate Manager – manage, import, and create certificates inside of Mirth Connect
  • HTTPS, TCPS, and LLPS Listeners and Senders – build secure inbound and outbound connections
  • Purchase annual subscription without the need to move to the commercial version of Mirth Connect

Mirth Connect Monitoring & Alerting  


Zen Insight Integration Monitor provides in-depth alerting, monitoring and analysis of all your Mirth Connect channels and instances from one centralized location.

  • Proactive alerting allows you to spot potential problematic channels before they cause an outage
  • A centralized dashboard provides historical channel performance and alert history to help you properly allocate resources
  • Automatic alert generation is based on real time channel behavior such as error rates, queuing, message volume, & more

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Zen's Gemini Integration as a Service Platform


Healthcare Data Interoperability without the cost of standing up and managing your own platform

Guide to Mirth Connect for Vendors


Five notable Mirth Connect plugins and extensions for Healthcare IT Vendors 


Already Downloaded Mirth Connect?


Three must-dos for anyone downloading Mirth Connect the first time 


Five Advantages of Mirth Connect


Here are five reasons why people like to use Mirth Connect to build healthcare interfaces.

1. Free, Open Source: the makers of Mirth Connect have made the tool available to the public. It can be downloaded from the Mirth.com website

2. Trusted: there are hundreds of thousands of Mirth Connect deployments globally. The extensive use of Mirth Connect for integrations keeps it on the top of many people’s list of integration engine solutions.

3. Extensible: Mirth Connect can be customized to meet many different interoperability situations and needs.

4. Allows for Custom Scripting: Mirth Connect users have the flexibility to go beyond the options in the User Interface.

5. Scalable: Mirth Connect can run on very small, affordable devices – even a raspberry pi, up to large-scale enterprise services, or hosted in a secure cloud.

Three Disadvantages of Mirth Connect


Despite the many favorable aspects of Mirth Connect, there are a few drawbacks that you and your integration teams need to keep in mind.

1. Steep Learning Curve: Mirth Connect is powerful, but without training and hands-on experience, it can be challenging to learn.

2. Little Available Documentation: It is very nice to have such a large community of Mirth Connect users; however, there is limited centralized information and documentation about Mirth Connect best practices.

3. Limited Infrastructure Support: Mirth Connect does not come with native (free) load balancing, fail over, or advanced proactive performance alerts.

Good news? Mirth® Connect is still one of the best healthcare interoperability engines and Zen has Mirth Certified engineers and services team members who can help organizations overcome these disadvantages.


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