Stargate achieves eHealth Exchange Validated product status

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The Stargate IHE Gateway accelerates your access to eHealth Exchange and Carequality, unlocking 600,000+ providers, 4,200+ hospitals, 70+ HIEs, and 5 Federal Partners.*  

Many organizations find that the complex technical requirements are simply too time consuming to figure out, and can put long term interoperability strategy and growth plans in jeopardy.

Stargate, Zen’s fully hosted and managed Gateway solution is the solution.


Using Stargate we were able to shorten our Initiating Gateway time to go-live with the CareEquality and eHealthExchange frameworks using a highly-available product that supports large volumes of initiating query traffic daily. 

Ryan Bramble

Chief Operating Officer, CRISP Shared Services

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Stargate is eHealth Exchange Validated


This designation significantly reduces the level of effort and cost for any organization that onboards utilizing an eHealth Exchange Validated product. For those healthcare organizations who choose Zen as their technology partner, they will benefit from significantly lower costs for onboarding.

An Onramp to Carequality


Stargate is not only a best-in-class gateway technology infrastructure, but Zen is also an official Carequality Implementer. This means that Zen clients can join Carequality through Zen, as a Carequality Connection.  This significantly reduces the amount of work required for on-boarding.


What about National Network Onboarding Services?


Zen team members are subject matter experts in onboarding clients to the eHealth Exchange and Carequality trusted exchange networks. Onboarding services include performing security, smoke testing and content testing services.


How does Stargate Integrate with my existing systems?


Simply use our Stargate APIs to fast track integration efforts. Stargate APIs are designed to provide flexible integration options, as different clients need different data flows.

Can’t support our APIs? Not a problem. For clients who need other integration options, our flexible adapter model supports custom integration patterns. With Zen’s team of expert integration engineers,  we do the heavy lifting and “meet you where you are” from an interoperability perspective.

Either way, you don’t have to figure out IHE / XCA-based messaging, which you can thank us for later!


Why is Stargate better than other “healthcare API” options?


We are solving problems you do not even know you have yet! For example, when you make queries outbound for data, wouldn’t you like to:

  • Know what endpoints were queried (and have control over that)
  • Be able to define constraints on timeframes and types of documents
  • Know which endpoints found patients
  • Know which endpoints returned documents
  • Know which endpoints failed to respond at some point in the process
  • Know Stargate will try again later when failures occur
  • Receive a summarized human readable (PDF) view of all the documents returned; broken out by responder.
  • There’s more – but you get the point.

Stargate FAQs

We Want to Join eHealth Exchange – What are the Next Steps?

eHealth exchange participants sign up directly with eHealth Exchange. A typical eHealth Exchange project looks like this:

1) Sign up with Zen for Stargate
2) Integration is completed between your primary system(s) (where your users will be interacting with the data) and Stargate
3) Your organization signs up with eHealth Exchange and pays applicable eHealth Exchange testing fees (note some folks do this step first, but you will need to tell them what Gateway solution you are using.)
4) Zen performs onboarding to eHealth Exchange (required smoke testing)

We Want to Join Carequality – What are the Next Steps?

There are four easy steps to the process.

1) Upon your verbal confirmation that you want to proceed with Carequality using Zen as your Implementers, Zen submits your organization and proposed use case(s) to the Carequality team for approval. This process typically takes only 2-3 days.
2) Sign up with Zen for Stargate and Carequality (with Carequality flow down provisions).
3) Integration is completed between your primary system (where your users will be interacting with the data) and Stargate
4) Zen publishes your endpoint in the Carequality Directory, and performs pre and post go live smoke testing.

What Role Does Stargate Serve in Relation to Commonwell?

Commonwell is now a Carequality implementer. Carequality Connections signed up through Zen as an Implementer, or eHealth Exchange participants who “opt-in” to Carequality, may exchange data with Commonwell participants who also “opt-in” to Carequality. If you elect to join Commonwell directly, Zen can assist with the underlying technology components if needed since Stargate IHE Gateway can be used in a variety of IHE based data exchange use cases.

Is it Possible to Leverage Stargate to Exchange Data Locally, or with your Regional or State HIE, Without Signing Up for a National Network?

Yes! Stargate supports any type of IHE based exchange, where you want to be able to query or be queried for clinical document exchange. (CCD/C-CDA). That includes local “ad hoc” type exchange. As long as you and your data exchange partner have a business agreement in place to exchange data, Zen can handle the underlying technology components.

What about FHIR based exchange on the National Networks?

First, it’s important to understand that there is very little traction with FHIR based exchange in the national networks today. However, we all know it’s coming! The benefit of using a solution like Gemini + Stargate is that it’s our JOB to support any type of connectivity protocols, including FHIR. So – bring on the FHIR! The Zen team is ready! In fact, both eHealth Exchange and Carequality are moving to a new FHIR R4 based directory. Zen is mirroring this effort in our own multi-network directory service.

*Number and type of participants is based on which network(s) you select, and which purpose of use you’ll be using.

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