Fully Hosted and Managed HITRUST CSF r2 Certified XCA Gateway Solution 

Whether you are a healthcare organization, Health Information Exchange or a healthcare vendor, Zen Stargate IHE Gateway is your single connection point to national trusted exchange networks including Carequality and eHealth Exchange – saving thousands of dollars on onboarding. Our comprehensive gateway services include:

Integration with existing applications  – Stargate provides Adapters that are customized to integrate with EHR’s, CDR’s and other healthcare applications as needed.

Flexible Data Integrations – Stargate Adapters are designed to support a wide range of healthcare integration patterns. No need to change your existing data flow, Stargate Adapters will flex to meet your needs. Common healthcare data formats include:

  • FHIR
  • Database connections
  • Custom API

Whatever data type you need, Stargate will do the work to translate to the IHE message protocols.

Plugged into the Gemini Ecosystem – Stargate is a part of the Gemini Integration Platform family of products, utilizing the same highly-scalable and redundant architecture and seamlessly integrated with the Gemini Integration Platform and other Zen hosted solutions like the Gravity FHIR data repository.

Sequoia Network Onboarding Services – Zen team members are subject matter experts in onboarding clients to the eHealth Exchange and Carequality trusted exchange networks. Onboarding services include performing security, smoke testing and content testing services.

An Onramp to Carequality – Stargate is not only a best-in-class gateway technology infrastructure, but Zen is also an official Carequality Implementer. This means that Zen clients can join Carequality through Zen, as a Carequality Connection.  This significantly reduces the amount of work required for on-boarding.

Carequality participant fees apply.
Carequality is the registered trademark of Carequality.


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Zen is a Carequality Implementer

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Stargate Gateway At-a-Glance

Stargate FAQs

What Exactly is Zen Stargate?
Stargate is Zen’s proprietary implementation of CONNECT, a widely used open source XCA Gateway. Zen manages the software, provides a fully managed secure hosted infrastructure and provides the adapters to support integration with 3rd party systems that need to support query based exchange protocols. CONNECT is considered certified technology by eHealth Exchange.
How Does Stargate Save Money and Time on eHealth Exchange Onboarding?

Because Zen Stargate is based on certified technology (CONNECT), our clients are able to save money on eHealth exchange onboarding fees. Savings can be as much as $8,000. There is also time and resource savings when working with Zen including the ability to skip 19 required security tests.

What Role Does Stargate Serve in Relation to Commonwell?
Commonwell is now a Carequality implementer. Carequality Connections may exchange with Commonwell members who “opt in” to Carequality. Since Zen is a Carequality Implementer, Zen Stargate clients will be able to exchange data with any Commonwell participants that opt in to Carequality. If you elect to join Commonwell directly, Zen can assist with the underlying technology components if needed since Stargate XCA Gateway can be used in a variety of XCA based data exchange use cases.
We Want to Join eHealth Exchange - What are the Next Steps?

eHealth exchange participants sign up directly with eHealth Exchange. A typical eHealth Exchange project looks like this:

1) Sign up with Zen for Stargate
2) Integration is completed between your primary system (where your users will be interacting with the data) and Stargate
3) Sign up with eHealth Exchange and pay applicable eHealth Exchange fees
4) Zen performs onboarding to eHealth Exchange

We Want to Join Carequality - What are the Next Steps?
There are three easy steps to the process.

1) Sign up with Zen for Stargate and Carequality
2) Integration is completed between your primary system (where your users will be interacting with the data) and Stargate
3) Zen performs onboarding to Carequality

Is it Possible to Leverage Stargate to Exchange Data Locally, Without Signing Up for a National Network?
Yes. Stargate supports any type of XCA based exchange, where you want to be able to query or be queried for clinical document exchange. (CCD/C-CDA). That includes local “ad hoc” type exchange. As long as you and your data exchange partner have a business agreement in place to exchange data, Zen can handle the underlying technology components.

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