Can Zen Help Plan Your Path to Interoperability?

It is not the known challenges that keep healthcare organizations up at night. Instead, it’s the unknown and unexpected that slow down or halt important interoperability initiatives. Let the experience of Zen’s team help plot a course to reach your interoperability goals.

How Can Zen Help?

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Strategic Consulting Services

System Performance and Monitoring

Are your integration technologies operating at peak performance?

Leverage Zen’s technology expertise to evaluate the health of your database, perform database tuning and database management as data usage evolves.

Interoperability Needs Assessment

Wondering what the right approach is to address interoperability needs for your organization?

Zen’s personalized Interoperability Needs Assessment focuses on understanding the data exchange requirements in the short and the long term. Then, the team will work collaboratively with you to design affordable and scalable solutions.

Technology & Data Gaps

Know what data you need, but not sure how to get it?

As you identify new interoperability use-cases, technology and data gaps will likely emerge. The Zen team will share our wealth of experience with your team. We will help establish minimum data requirements. And, we will identify and deploy the right technology for your current and future interoperability needs.

Software & Tool Selection

Need help selecting the right interoperability tools?

Zen has real-world experience with integration engines, Master Data Management (MDM), Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI), data quality tools, federated exchange, and Clinical Data Repositories (CDR). We will help you better understand your options for health information exchange and interoperability solutions.

Technology Stack Design & Deployment

Concerned about architecting the right interoperability solution and implementation?

No single out-of-the-box interoperability platform meets all needs. Zen team members are experts at building the right technology infrastructure to access, acquire, and transform data to meet your specific interoperability use-case requirements.

Project Management & Implementation

Want to make sure your projects are implemented on time and on budget?

Zen’s Consulting Project Executives act as managers and analysts to chart the course for your connectivity project and help you every step of the way – from initial use-case planning to implementation, testing, and go-live.

Data Quality Assessment

Suffering from data quality issues?

Zen’s strategic consulting team will help you assess and implement data stewardship best practices. We’ll help you understand the purpose of the data, identify which data really matters, and which tools will help sustain the highest quality data standards.

Count on Zen’s experienced executive and project teams to lead or augment your team’s capacity to achieve successful data fluidity.

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Three Critical Components to Long-term Interoperability Success

Through our real-world interoperability experience, we have learned some critical lessons about how to obtain long-term success with integrations, data normalization, and data delivery. As you are leading your teams in the creation of a powerful and smooth running interoperability ecosystem, there are three mission-critical basics to keep in the forefront of your mind.

#1  Project Team:  Don’t Overlook the Power of a Team

#2  Project Documentation:  Define and Measure Success, Don’t Forget the Basics

#3  Project Scope:  Don’t Miss Out on Incremental Wins

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