Implementers of the Carequality Framework and their clients have a significant advantage when it comes to sharing and accessing clinical data. They avoid having to develop individual agreements and business policies to share information with each and every entity with which they wish to exchange data. They get to leverage existing business relationships to rapidly connect with numerous organizations who have already chosen to participate in the Carequality community.

There are two relatively new Carequality Implementers validated by Carequality and we are obviously super excited about at least one of them!

Commonwell has become a Carequality Implementer. 

Commonwell and Carequality participants have the option to query each other since Commonwell has become a Carequality Implementer. What does this mean exactly?  Any Commonwell subscriber who elects to “opt-in” to Carequality will be listed in the Carequality Directory and available for data exchange. This does require that the Commonwell subscriber specifically agree to the terms of the Carequality Connection Agreement (CCA).

Zen Healthcare IT is a Carequality Implementer!

We are thrilled to announce that Zen is officially a Carequality Implementer. That means Zen clients now have a very easy path to connect to Carequality and exchange data with hundreds of thousands of physicians within health systems and medical practices across the US. Zen’s Stargate Gateway is the solution to facilitate Carequality connections for healthcare organizations and vendors.


Contact us at 949-396-0361 to learn more about how we can quickly expand your interoperability reach through Carequality.

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