Now that our Gemini Integration Platform has officially received HITRUST CSF r2 Certification we wanted to share some helpful tips for anyone looking to enhance their own cybersecurity efforts. Our latest security blog was very well received, so we decided to put the valuable information into a video format so that these critical tips and policies can make a significant impact on even more organizations’ cybersecurity efforts.  

This information comes directly from our experience working through our HITRUST CSF r2 Certification for our Gemini Integration as a Service Platform and other technology solutions including Stargate IHE Gateway and our Gravity FHIR repository

For those who aren’t aware, HITRUST CSF is a certifiable framework that provides organizations with a comprehensive approach to regulatory and standards compliance and risk management. It is the gold standard in cybersecurity certification for healthcare IT organizations and we spent over a year reinforcing and documenting over 499 controls that helped us refine our security practices, policies, and procedures. 

If you are concerned about cybersecurity as you are implementing your integration project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and consider Zen’s now HITRUST CSF r2 certified technology to take advantage of the significant work we have done creating one of the most secure and performant integration platforms available today. 

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